Upper Mustang in Nepal has seen a lot pass by its arid lands, from centuries of Tibetan Buddhist culture to piercing windstorms. But one thing it hasn’t seen a lot of is tourists. That is precisely, of course, the appeal of this remote, seldom visited corner of the Himalaya.

“The region has only been open to tourism since 1992, and still has an incredible air of mystery,” says Hawker, who visited in 2012 as part of a team of runners racing the first trail race there. Now, the Mustang Mountain Trail Race is open to anyone with a good set of legs—and lungs. The eight-day stage race takes place in April with up to 40 runners, who trot about 124 miles of yak-worn footpaths.


link: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/article/run-nepal-mustang-mountain-trail-race