I was planning my first trip to Mustang in 2021 and learned there are a few options for when the best time to visit Mustang in Nepal is. So, I decided to research it and write a helpful post on when the best time to visit Mustang is. 

The best time to visit Mustang Nepal is September till November or March till May. The weather remains pleasant during these months with good sunshine and cool nights, which makes for perfect conditions for trekkers. However, tourists who are also interested in Tibetan culture and want to enjoy the Tiji Festival generally prefer April through May to visit Mustang. 

Many trekkers plan to visit Mustang based on when the peak trekking season is for Mustang. There is actually a lot to choosing the right time to visit Mustang based on your budget, crowd, and interests – trekking or Tibetan culture and Festivals.Just following the popular seasons might not be the best for everyone

The ideal time for a trek to Mustang Nepal.

The ideal time for trekking to Mustang is around September to  October. Trekking in autumn is a great way to experience the warm weather of Mustang. The views of the hills and the rhododendrons in full bloom are breathtaking.

Because autumn is a more comfortable time to visit Mustang, you can enjoy your trek more without worrying about being cold, wet or tired. Trekkers who visit in this season can explore the area at their own leisure, taking in the beautiful views of the hills, visiting monasteries, and witnessing cultural and religious festivals.

Trekking to Nepal in autumn also gives you a chance to see all of the other attractions that Nepal has to offer. In autumn, many tourists come from India, so you can take advantage of lower prices on hotels and meals. There are also plenty of festivals going on during this time of year. For example, it’s harvest season for maize, pumpkin, and tomato crops in Mustang, so don’t miss out on seeing some traditional harvest rituals! You’ll be able to find delicious food during this time as well.

The warm weather makes for an excellent hiking season in Nepal as well. Because there are fewer tourists than usual during this time, too, you can enjoy your trek without the hustle and bustle of the peak season crowd.

You can view the infographic below to have a general understanding of the crowd and footfall on this beautiful part of Nepal. 


Fig: Infographic representation of Average Number of Trekkers in Mustang Nepal by Month (2017, 2018, 2019)

Source: Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation – Nepal Tourism Statistics

Which month should you trek to Mustang to witness the Tiji Festival?

If you are planning a trip to Mustang, then you should know about the Tiji festival. The festival takes place in the month of May and is one of the most awaited festivals of Mustang. The Tiji festival of Mustang takes place for 3 days. Every year, this festival is celebrated in the month of May. 

For 2022, this festival is taking place from Friday, May 27, 2022 to Sun, May 29, 2022

The festival is an opportunity for all the people from neighboring villages to meet and come together to celebrate their culture and tradition with dance, music, sports and other events. 

The main feature of this festival is the races that are held in the morning and evening and are a part of the festive activities. Apart from these races, there are many other events that are organized like wrestling matches and ceremonial dances that take place every year during this festival. The event also includes cultural programs like Yak fighting, archery competition and martial arts performed by the locals to display their talent.

To witness the Tiji Festival in Mustang you will need to plan a trip in the month of May when it’s organised every year. The best way to go there is by road as it’s not a very difficult destination to reach, however travelling by air would be another great option as well.

This is also a popular season for trekkers. 

The months of March, April and May are considered to be the best time for trekking in Mustang as these are the months when the local flowers are in full bloom and makes for some wonderful scenery. The flowering meadows can be seen all along your trek route from Jomsom side to Muktinath side (Annapurna circuit). In fact, these colorful blooming meadows are not just pleasing to eyes but also add charm to your trekking experience.

The spring season is also considered to be the one of the best time to visit Mustang as April sees all mountain passes being open for trekkers with clear weather conditions allowing visitors to soak

Number of trekkers in Mustang Nepal by Month 

Month Number of trekkers in Mustang in 2017 Number of trekkers in Mustang in 2018 Number of trekkers in Mustang in 2019
January 16 2 12
February 24 23 22
March 133 208 136
April 388 480 561
May 635 612 593
June 144 161 114
July 340 382 274
August 433 431 462
September 773 546 709
October 1056 970 856
November 268 275
December 30 26

Is it crowded in peak trekking season in Mustang?

After the month of July, the Mustang region of Nepal gets a lot of travelers. During the peak season it is not unusual for there to be over two hundred trekkers per day heading to Jomsom and the Upper Mustang villages such as Kagbeni and Lo Manthang. This can mean long queues at Chaurikharka, where the trail crosses over the Kali Gandaki River, and a lot of human traffic in tiny villages that are more used to seeing a few foreigners per week than hundreds per day. This generally hikes up the prices in lodges and restaurants along the way.  

In July and August many people also choose to climb Island Peak (6189 metres), which is an easy but expensive way to get your trekking ‘fix’. All this means that the best time to visit Mustang is from about mid-September until late October, when you’re likely to have this incredible part of Nepal almost entirely to yourself. Most travelers look to hike to mustang from March to early October. You can capitalize on this knowledge and ask your guide to schedule a trip when the crowd thins out a bit so you can get the best of both worlds – a pleasant season perfect for trekking and less crowded on the trails as well as the lodges and rest stops. 

When is the cheapest time to trek to Mustang? 

When is the best time to trek to Mustang if you’re on a budget? Although even in peak tourist season, the rates are not so high as compared to the value in beauty and adventure, the cost still fluctuates a bit depending on when you plan your hike. 

In peak season (October-April), the lodges will be more expensive and you’ll have to book your trek far in advance. If you’re lucky, you can get a trek set up with just a few days’ notice, but during peak season, that’s not likely. Still, if you don’t mind paying peak prices, then October and November are when the weather is best for trekking in Mustang.

In peak season, expect to pay anywhere from $150-$300 per person/per day on food alone. Peak season includes March, April, September and October.

In off-season months, the weather will still be good but the prices will be much cheaper. Off-season months are typically November, December and January. Trekking in Mustang can be very rewarding but can also be quite expensive, so plan accordingly and save yourself some money!

The prices of all things in Nepal tends to double in peak season since there are more tourists around. For example, a bottle of water costs 40 rupees (USD 0.50) in non-peak season but costs 80 rupees (USD 1) in peak season. Everything else is similar; they increase in price by about 50 percent from off-season to peak season.

We recommend going during “shoulder” season when you can get the most for your money when it comes to trekking and accommodation.

To save even more money, consider going with a local guide instead of a large group tour. Be sure to check with your local travel agent or tour operator for deals on transportation as well as lodging.

However, during the winter, although it is off season, and we see some people trekking to Mustang, it is recommended not to go in Winter. Most of the lodges and restaurants close off during the winter and even the locals of Mustang tend to travel to the capital Kathmandu to avoid the hardships in Mustang Region. 

In Which month does it snow in mustang?

There are many treks which go to this land but most of them are in the summer. So if you want to see some snow then you should definitely plan your trek in the winter months.

People say that autumn is the best season for visiting Mustang as it’s when all of its natural beauties come alive. Plus, you get to see a completely different type of landscape from what you’re used to seeing during summer months.

The weather cools down considerably and you get to see some snowfall which makes everything even more beautiful. In addition, autumn is a comparatively cheaper time to go on a trek than in summer.

There are other advantages as well:

No crowd: The number of people going on a trek decreases considerably with each passing month so if you don’t want to deal with crowds then autumn is the best time for you to go on your Mustang trekking tour.

The number of people going on a trek decreases considerably with each passing month so

Mustang Nepal trek in December or Winter. 

Winter is not a favorable season for traveling to Mustang. It is very cold and there are chances of blizzards. It also gets dangerous. So, it is better to avoid Mustang in Winter.

Travelling in December is even more dangerous as the area faces heavy snowfall from mid-November till January every year. The chance of blizzards increases manifold during this period which makes it even more difficult to travel.

During monsoon, it may be hard to get around due to the roads being flooded. Chances of an accident are very high during this time and you should avoid traveling in the region then.

So, it’s best to avoid traveling to Mustang in Winter or December at all costs.